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Banned From Discussion

One of the spookiest things that I've found over the last few months is that I'm suddenly banned from discussions concerning books, stories, where we're going and what writings mean for society.


The ban hammer is quick to come down on my head for self publicity as my on-line handle is relatively well known and I publish under my own name. This makes participating difficult as, suddenly, it is assumed that (to malign the lyrics from a well known song) every step I take, every post I make, someone's watching me. But for all the wrong reasons.


My only chance is to use a pseudonym; but this is at a time when social networks are on a crusade against anonymity and are wielding the sword of full disclosure. And I'm actually all in favour of full disclosure because it is only by knowing that they are discussing with me, that people can then raise questions around certain subjects.


So I am then left to be an unknown with no reputation or qualification in what I'm talking about, who has to surreptitiously tiptoe around certain things for fear that I'll be, "outed," and people will start shouting that I didn't disclose who I am. But... but ... Gaahhhhh......


I just feel like I can't win.